The first car came in to existence in the year 1885 and since then the world’s obsession with their speed and luxury has only risen. Nowadays, car racing has become a passion and people look up to the Formula One or Moto GP champions as gods. However, for those who do not wish to risk their lives participating in break-neck speed racing, there is always the option of model car racing such as slot car racing. pussy888

Slot cars are electronically operated model cars that were initially created to as adult hobby items but now are even sold as toys. The tracks on which they run comprises of groves or slots into which the cars are fitted with the help of a blade like appendages. A single car runs only on a single groove. Slot cars run on a motor embedded in the car. The motor is powered by electricity, which is supplied to the vehicle through metallic strip inside the slot. Each slot is connected to a power source, which ensure that the supply remains constant through out the race. To prevent the loss of contact with the slot (deslotting), some car blades are magnetized. The speed is controlled by way of a hand-held joystick (throttle) placed in the hands of the racers.

Slot car races have surprisingly turned into international competitions with events being held annually. In the United States, there are two organizations dedicated to the HO scale slot cars, namely the United Federation of HO racers Association (UFHORA/) and the HO Professional Racing Association (HOPRA). Both organizations hold national level events each year around July, whereas international events are usually held in February. These events are designed not only for racing slot cars, but also to raise general enthusiasm about them. The events also include exhibitions and slot car shows and at times even trade and swap meets. The main purpose is to establish slot car racing as a legitimate sport and help slot car aficionados meet like-minded people.

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